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July 2011

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memkns in onoursleeves

Mia Michaels

"The calling in one's life to be a creator is a huge responsibility to the world. There's no backing down once this realization of artistic destiny takes place. It's the commitment of one's life—the artistic version of the monk. We're being used by God to affect and change the universe, shift the planet, and hopefully leave it forever altered. Once our calling takes place, it's our duty to respect, nurture, and dig into it so deeply that there is no other way of living. It becomes our life and our every breath. Everything we experience transforms into art.

"Then there are those who choose but have not been chosen. They make it a career (a business if you will) and have a different take on it. It's a different way of life. They do it for the love of recognition, money, and fame. These people operate in a thing called the 'entertainment business'.

"So many in this business have been successful—just copying the great ones that have come before—without caring about creating their own voice or vocabulary. They continually repeat themselves without ever considering the reinvention of oneself, and without guilt or apologies. There is truth in both these worlds, they just have different heartbeats. We are now in a time of reality TV and instant celebrity.

"It's a time of mediocrity, not too much dignity or integrity on screens all over America. I'm one of those so-called 'instant celebrities' in the world's eyes. It just happened overnight. I dropped out of the sky and became a big-name choreographer with a face. The funny thing is I'm just Mia doing what I've been doing for the last 25 years—but now I am MIA! Very funny and very strange.

"The fame will pass. The show will close. The trends will change. What will remain constant are the true artists, visionaries, and creators, the ones that are called. They will stand as they are until they are gone.

"I hope and pray to always stay true to my calling. A creator of beauty, ugliness, and worldly art of movement. I hope to be a constant because I am called."

-Mia Michaels

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