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July 2011

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memkns in onoursleeves

Catherine Anderson

"I chose the romance genre because I am a firm believer in true love and I don't think we celebrate true love enough in this messed up world.

"The entertainment industry occasionally comes out with a love story, but those stories often end unhappily. The closest we normally get to a happy ending is bittersweet. I don't believe that the majority of real-life love-stories end sadly. I believe that love can move mountains and that it does so on a regular basis. So that is why I write romance, to put those positive endings out into our universe. Now, many years into my career, my books are being published worldwide in languages I can't begin to decipher. Women and men in the farthest reaches of our world are coming to believe in the power of love! How awesome is that?

"Love doesn't only transform the world between a man and a woman, you know. It can change the world when an old man meets an unhappy little boy in the park, or when an old woman hires a younger woman to clean her little house. Think about it. Maybe, through the old man's eyes, that unhappy little boy learns a new way to view the world and grows up to become our President, intent on providing for the old men who are forgotten and sitting on park benches. Maybe the young woman cleaning houses becomes a nurse who is an advocate for the elderly who want to remain independent.

"We never know how our love may touch the life of someone else. What we should know and must come to believe is that love is more powerful and beautiful than any other emotion on earth. It can bring about change. It can end wars. It can perform miracles. Its opposites, anger and hatred, bring only more pain into our world.

"And that is why I write romance, because I believe in love. I think far too many young people settle for the thrill of first meet and create ties with someone simply because the relationship is fun and seems like a last chance. If only they would wait! If only they would believe that someone really special is out there, searching for them. So many hearts have been broken, and so many tears have been shed, simply because people want love so badly that they find it too soon or in all the wrong places. Even sadder is the fact that so many people who make a wrong first choice end up in horrific relationships, feeling trapped and helpless. Most often, these people are women, but men, too, endure this kind of pain.

"I write my stories to tell them there is something more, something beautiful, something that is for everyone, not just the supposedly perfect people. In our world, so many silly standards that define beauty or handsomeness have been drilled into our heads, making our modern-day young men and women feel ugly unless they have been blessed with ultra-superb bodies. How crazy is that? Young girls are getting breast augmentation as a birthday present from their moms and dads when they turn sixteen, and teenage boys are pumping up with steroids.

"What are we allowing the media to tell our sons and daughters about themselves?

"I write romance to send a different message, namely that each and every one of us is beautiful and wondrous in his or her own way. No matter what flaws we perceive that we have, we will be beautiful and perfect in the eyes of at least one special person."

—Catherine Anderson